Strimzi An Opensource Data Pipeline.

  1. Create Kubernetes cluster over GCP.
  2. Create Namespace with a name as per your requirements.
  3. Apply Strimzi installation file over Kubernetes Cluster: ``` kubectl apply -f ‘' -n kafka``` (Here namespace = ‘kafka’)
  4. Provision the Apache Kafka cluster from GitHub repository ( : ``` kubectl apply -f kafka-persistent-single.yaml — namespace=kafka```. We will get a response ‘Response: configured’
  5. We need to apply wait command: ```kubectl wait kafka/my-cluster — for=condition=Ready — timeout=300s — namespace=kafka```.
  6. Provision kafka connector using the operator with following yaml: ```kubectl apply -f kafka-connect.yaml — namespace=kafka```. Github repository (
  7. Download Biquery connector & Configure it: download here.

Few Common used commands are:-

· Kubectl get kafka -n kafka



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Vibhor Gupta

Vibhor Gupta


Hi, I am a Certified Google Cloud Data engineer. I use Medium platform to share my experience with other members of Medium network.